Monday, February 23, 2009

The Hottie w/ a Body

I got married back in November. I was the writer of being a single parent and serial dater. I know that a lot of you advised against marriage, and while I appreciate the advice, I didn't listen. I am very happy with the decision we made, and I love our new life together. Even though we are still poor college bound student and military man, we are doing very well and are looking forward to our future together.

Come Monday, we'll have been married a little over four months. In these past two months, I have noticed a rise in the amount of attention my husband has been getting from members of the opposite sex. While it didn't bother me at first, it's becoming increasingly annoying to hear of the many girls who try to flirt with him on a daily basis. My husband is a very attractive man, so it's no surprise that women notice him, but he was not getting this much attention before our vows. Given the chance girls would flock to him everywhere he goes - ridiculous. I am secure in our relationship, and while I am not naive enough to say he "isn't capable" of cheating on me, I am confident that he will remain faithful...otherwise I wouldn't have married him. The problem is that he gets comments such as "I wish I would have met you first" or "I'm so sad you are taken". While I have been unfortunate enough to have not heard any of these remarks firsthand, it bugs me that females would make such comments to an unavailable man let alone to his wife.

I, however, must have some sign on my ass that states "Stay Away!" because guys haven't been hitting on me as much as they were before we got married. There are a couple guys who have blatantly and disrespectfully stared at me when my husband and I were together, but no one was bold enough to make comments like females have been making to my husband. I'm not saying that I'm upset I'm not getting attention; I rather like being left alone. I'm just wondering where the balance is.

Do you think that married men are more attractive than single men? Why do you think that is? What about married women?

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