Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is it Prego or Preggers?

I swear I feel lazier and lazier ever dang day! I'm sure the lil parasite growing inside me isn't helping much these day oh wait before you start saying " what did she just call here baby?" let's be real here people that is what they are right now. they feed off your body's nutrition for themselves.

so lets see my tally of Prego things this week:

wanting to hurl: 20
actually vomiting:0
crying at commercials: 4
snapping at the work who didn't get my order right at Wendy's:1
going back to bed after a shower:5
getting up in the middle of the night to pee:15
looking at my belly and butt to see which is getting bigger faster: 7

I got a "wonderful" [insert sarcastic tone] email from my ex about the boys and other drams fill topics but in midst of all mean and hateful things he said NOTHING bothered me EXCEPT he made a comment of me getting fat...... now first off I have been 119 for many yrs now but the fact that my Pregnant behind is inevitable going to gain weight; that really bothered me. I can't stop thinking about it " I'm going to get fat" DAMN IT!! I don't want to be one of those woman who gain a number of lbs and look like they should have a [WIDE LOAD] sign attached to my back side. This is what is frightening me the most of this pregnancy- not the fact my husband will be at sea for the next 3 months or that I M/S just a few months back but its me gaining weight.

I suppose I will learn to deal

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