Saturday, November 27, 2010

25 days to Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and for years I've had an advent calendar hanging somewhere in my house, mainly for decorative purposes and no meaning but as the children get older I realize more and more that keeping traditions is a vital part in a military family besides it help teach kids patience. So I took to my advent calendar and came up with a creative way to use it other then eat chocolate to count down the days.

Here is what we have planned....

  1. Make an ornament
  2. Dance and sing to Christmas music
  3. Bake Cookies
  4. Share some of our baking with friends
  5. Write or decorate Christmas Cards
  6. Get dressed up for Crab Dinner (at home)
  7. Give a gift to an underprivelaged child
  8. Make a meal together
  9. Play Flashlight Tag
  10. Build a Gingerbread House
  11. Watch a Christmas Movie
  12. "Spread Joy"
  13. Find or make puppets and make up a Bedtime Story
  14. Candlelight bubble bath & paint nails ( might become mommy night)
  15. Pick out a Christmas outfit 
  16. Read favorite Christmas story
  17. Bake Holiday cookies
  18. Go for a drive into town to see Christmas lights 
  19. Host a Secret Santa Party
  20. Go to Snow
  21. A neighborhood walk with our DIY lanterns 
  22. Dessert before dinner 
  23. Make a popcorn garland
  24. Open Christmas pj's

    What will you be doing for the 24 days before Christmas?

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