Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Pin up Fun

I had the great opportunity to shoot with Hanah Reed from The Rockit Roost in Silverdale, Washington this week. What can I say about this woman? Hanah and Chuck have the most beautiful generous pair of hearts that I have met in a long time. They opened their store a little over a year ago in a small center in Silverdale and just to quote part of what she says " Being a single mother of two children, that seemed like a crazy dream without a money tree growing in the backyard. I am someone who loves a challenge and believes that with God all things are possible. I decided to go after my dreams full force. Being inspired by my faith, my father's legacy, and a determination that never seems to hear the word, "no". I went for it! " 
That was one of the things that caught my eye about Rockit Roost a year ago besides the Pin up culture.

Hanah started Desmona Lively Photography in her shop and it has taken off!! This past week I went in for a holiday shoot and was surprised at how fun and comfortable the shoot was, I am used to male photographers who have been very professional but I would advice anyone to try out a female photographer. Here is one of the pictures that were taken that day

Go check out The Rockit Roost and Desmona Lively Photography and set up a shoot, and don't forget to say " LadySunshine sent me"

I take inspiration from her and hope I will be successful in life and photography as well.. *wink* if your looking for a photographer, let me know *wink*

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