Friday, January 28, 2011

Drinks and Quality time.

As many of you know, I'm a mother of 3 very energetic and crazy boys. Time for me is precious and very limited when it comes to things I want to do personally. After a crazy week Val and I NEEDED ( can you sense the urgency of that?) to get away from everything, unwind and have some girl talk. We hit up the local 'Red Lobster' and ate and drank till our hearts were satisfied.

most yummy food ever!

This is Val.
 I often feel like I don't do enough for my boys, that the time spent with them is not quality time. I have set it in my mind to take at least 30 minutes from my day to spend with each individual child and spend another hour with all 3 of them doing something fun and enjoyable.
It was play day in Aiden's room.
 So far I have noticed an improvement in their overall attitudes and I get more smiles now ( AWESOME!!) so maybe there is something to this quality time,huh? I just hope I remember to bring my camera out .
reading books are a fav in this family.

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