Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Going to the Extreme

As usual I have taken on more things besides Photography, Baking, Quilting, Party Planning, Organizing and the basic errands and to-do list I have decided after a few years of pondering that I would start my own business!! I've been researching the market and started writing a business plan. Thanks to the help of Business PlanMaker
They have tons of templates that help you step by step along with a business plan writing course. I find myself ALWAYS picking up more and more things to occupy myself from the mundane so why not add ANOTHER thing like.............................


I'm sure you might have heard or even watched this very fascinating show of people who you would swear are out of their minds and hoarders. BUT they must be doing something right!!

I have a family of 5!! 3 boys, my husband and I live on a single military income and many of you might know how tight that can be. Now we're not doing bad but we certainly could use the extra stretching in our budget. I am not looking to become a hoarder who has 1year supply of toilet paper, bread,etc but I am looking to stockpile for the family for at least 4-6 months ( thats the long term goal ) but I'll be happy with just a month stockpile the first year.

This week so far I have scored a sweet deal from NIVEA body wash for men and woman...get this...this was all FREE!!!

At $3.04 - $3.97 a pop I only paid sales tax on this...now I have 9 more coupons for the woman ( which is all sold out through out town) so I plan on scoring some more before the sale is up.

So on top of my crazy busy schedule I've now added prepping for a new business and some extreme couponing. What do you do that makes you think " am I nuts for adding this to my daily schedule?"

I might be nuts but I'm gonna be saving some major moola

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