Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Free Groceries?! yes please.

It's BACK!!!

Just letting you all know that the Albertsons 'buy $100 in gift card, get a $20 catalina' is back this week.

I went this morning to load up on some lowes cards since we are closing on a home next month and will be doing some yard work and re-modeling the kitchen.

Our soon to be house :)

Inspiration #1
 My husband likes tiles floor and I like wood so the compromise I figured would be a paver floor but I'm not sure what it will do to my back given I am always in the kitchen baking and cooking. 
Inspiration #2
I'm still tossing up the idea of either subway tiles or beadboard for the walls. I don't know, what do you think?

Getting back on track though.. The deal with Albertsons gift card deal is: purchase a $100 participating gift card and receive a $20 catalina on your next purchase, limit one per transaction. You can NOT use the catalina towards another purchase of a gift card.

Also keep in mind that the catalina will expire within one week of the purchase so plan accordingly.

 I purchased $500 in gift cards for our up coming reno and received $60 in catalinas and $40 in a gift card form (the catalina machine stopped printing for some reason). A big plus for me, I used our nRewards card from NavyFederal which gives me points for every $ spent towards other gift cards and items. Anyone thinking what I'm thinking?...... Free School Clothes for the kids!!!

So later this week I will be hitting Albertsons up for some milk, meats and stock up on some smoothie items.

If you do this deal I want to hear what you plan on doing with the cards. If you don't have an Albertsons in your area, what promos do they run that you just LOVE?

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