Saturday, September 29, 2012

Front Lawn

It's been a LONG 2 months, let me tell you...we've had so much to do/repair/update. We had to buy a new frig, water heater, tons of blinds, chop down some woods, burn some termites out of said woods and fix a few leaks but thank god nothing really major This is a mid front lawn progress post just to show you so far (in Fall) what we've done to the yard.

The first picture is when we first came to look at the house.
 Given that it's fall, I don't want to spend loads of money on annuals that will just die over in 1-2 months when winter hits so we stuck with this very simple layout. We added rocks and boarder rocks to the foundation and around the tree.

 We have planned for the next year to build a white fence in the front and adding tons of lavenders and snap dragons along with some bushes for all year color.
 The general idea is to get "rid" of the first half of the lawn and dedicate it to foliage instead of grass.... speaking of grass the Hubster wants to put in burmuda grass o.O golf course anyone?!

We've just about finished the Garage to a point where we can tolerate and I promise to post pictures and a tutorial of the flooring once I get the afters done... (really that means I need to clear out some junk and get my butt in there to take pictures)

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