Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Clearing Mania

 We knew buying this house was a good choice but we I didn't realize how much work it would take to clear the land to a point that was usable for us and a garden. With a little over an acre and only using about 1/4 of it (house included in that) we know there is potential for some beautiful landscaping. The problem?

This is wet land! I'm talking when it downpours we have a moving river like flow through out certain parts of the land. After talking to a professional we've learned what we need to do in order to raise the land a bit to help with the soggy ground.

Here are some of the before pictures

 To the right of the picture ( where the tree is ) that is the screened in porch... I wish we had a better picture of the right behind the screened in porch but in all the excitement of finding the house I wasn't thinking plus it was not terribly bad on the other side of the house.... anyways on the backside of the porch the trees/brush came about 10 feet from the house.
 This is us standing on the grilling slab looking to the mid left of the property. More room on this side but surely the most "wet"
This is the far left of the property also very very wet.

now after about 2 months of clearing and burning the brush and trees we the Hubster cleared land for us.

 This view is me inside of the screened in porch looking to the far left of the property. There is much land cleared!! YAY!!
 Here is the mid/left part from the inside of the porch
 Standing on the grilling slab looking toward the porch.

 And finally a better view of the backside of the porch. I measured from the porch to the edge of the cleared area and we have 37 feet cleared. That is 27 feet farther back (major smile face). The arrow is pointing to the future vegetable/fruit garden spot.
Along this fence we already have 3 blueberry bushed and 2 rose bushes planted. The plan is to add another 2-3 blueberries along that area and about 6 raspberries along the longer part (grey ) of the fence.

Today we got 108 yards of dirt, 18 of that is topsoil for the raspberry and pumpkin patches on the left of the property.

 My future garden spot *la sigh*

Overall I am thrilled at all the the Hubster did over the past few months now hopefully he can take a break for a few weeks before heading back into the woods to clear more... maybe work on some much needed projects on the inside.

SO here is our current outside update. There is many new things about to come about over the next 2 months so keep a look out for new posts.

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