Monday, December 10, 2012

How much is too much?

I have had many questions about when do I know something is a good price or a stock up price. Depending on where you live prices for items may differ, for example in Wa state I can get bread for $.99 a loaf but in Ga state the cheapest (decent quality) bread I can find is $1.50. So what may be listed as a good price for me (in the south) may not be a good price for you on the west coast. Here is a Price Guide that I created to help during my shopping trips. Feel free to use them but please don't try to say they are your creations.

I also have a quirky method on figuring out how much my family will need and use within a 3-6 month time period.... if I lose you, just let me know...ready?

How much to Stockpile?

Per week:

Number of users/eaters
x (multiply) number of days you use/eat in a week
x number of times a day
= (equals) your servings per week
/ (divide) by servings in a box
= number of boxes/cans used per week

Part 2:
number of boxes per week
x weeks (12 for 3 months, 24 for 6 months)
- (minus) the number you have in your pantry already
*** / this number by 2 or you'll have too many*** (sometimes I don't divide that number)

This math is wonky but it really does help to figure out how much is too much.... makes sense? let me know.

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