Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Make do or do without.

It's been about 3 weeks since I last posted about out garden and backyard adventure. Boy oh boy have we been at it! I've been planning this 2013 garden with the high hopes of growing enough produce so we don't have to spend much money at the grocery store, with couponing and buying our meats from my local meat guys I think I can cut our monthly budegt of $200 to around $125 a month or under. This is the first garden plan aka as the Right Garden.

we're building the garden in phases; phase #1, phase #2 and phase #3. The first few pictures are of phase one. In this phase there will be a (2) 4x8, 3x8, 4x4 and a 2x5.

 To help with the torrential downpours we have here I'm planning on using Tuftex roofing at the top of the beds that have four posts, that will be another project and another post later.

 There has been progress with the Left Garden! I measured it and we have roughly 25'x76' BUT and the is a big but it makes like a bean shape (using space), the rest will be yard for the family to use.

 My blueberries all nice a covered from the frosty nights.... I plan on getting 3 more blueberries and buying about 5-7 raspberry canes very soon. So hopefully in about 2-3 yrs we can yield some berries.

In the back of the hubster will be the pumpkin and corn patch. We've got some long railroad logs that we'll use for the corn and melon patches.

And here is pictures from today:

 We busted butt today, for reals YO. I chicken wired and tarped 4 beds and then as a team we filled those beds up, one wheel barrel at a time. I think he is a bit worn out don't you think?

 Our next big garden projects (yes project'S) is install the invisible dog fence and the wood fence around the garden to keep the bunnies and dog out. I went to Lowes and priced out the wood for the fence and decided the moto " Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do with out" was gonna be my motto for this garden. Since the hubster and his friend have been cutting down trees, why not make the fence with it?

Here are my inspiration pictures for our fence:

I was also thinking of using tree slices for the pathway but how do I lay them down and do I seal them before hand? If you know or have some guesses please let me know.

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