Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Week 4 Garden Tour

This week is the last slow week in gardening I'll have for some time. Feb marks the beginning of serious gardening here. This week I added some pea trellises to the garden beds. I've got about 2 more to do before I plant next week. I worked in some new soil to what originally was going to be the herb garden but now shall be called the artichoke garden. Molly (the mangy dog) dug up the artichoke garden soil and found all the newspaper and brown bags I laid down to prevent weeds. *sigh*

 Luffas growing so well, I'll start transitioning them outdoors this week.

 Tomatoes from Botanical Seeds... I'm perplexed about them. I planted these 1/4 and still they have no true leaves but the generic seeds I go from the "kids" garden has flourished and is already transitioning outdoors... Anyone have a clue about this?

 Long eggplants and Leeks.

 Bell peppers and canary peppers.

 Basil and oregano

 Statice flowers.

 Artichokes. I plan on planting some more in the fall.

 Lemongrass. After planting half out side in pots and the other indoors, it seems these do better when started indoors.



Swiss Chard

 These are the tomatoes from the generic seeds.

 We have new growth!!
After my youngest (3yrs) proved to have a major green thumb we decided to plant snow peas and already they've popped out.

Chinese cabbage

We have 3 variety of lettuce growing right now. I'll be doing succession planting all throughout the season.

These little lettuce guys were started outside in the pots 2 weeks ago.

The Hubster has been hard at work finishing filling up the garden with fill dirt and putting in posts.

This shall be named the Artichoke garden.

Raspberries are growing wonderfully.

Corn patch is almost filled in.

This little shaded corner beauty is called the White Garden. All flowers and foliage will be white and greens. I'm adding in some moon flowers to have a wonderful show in the evenings.

How is your garden? Any new To-Do's?


  1. Thanks for your very flattering comment on my blog! I have only just become aware of your blog too, so I have some exploring to do. My first impression is "Wow what a wide variety of different things this person grows!" Also struck by the wide range of "hardware" in your garden. Hope to talk more soon...

    1. We like to use the motto "use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.

      We've spend more than enough on building the beds over the past months I just couldn't bring myself to spend anymore on the fence.


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