Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DIY Earthbox

After a failed attempt at finding straw to grow in, I decided that earthboxes were the way to go for us. Beside the voles and moles will not get to the plants using this box. Off to the big blue store I went and got myself a  pvc pipe, pipe cutter and a tote.

Here is what you'll need:

10' 1-1 1/2" pvc pipe - around $2
Pipe cutter - around $10
Tote - around $5 
3/8 and 9/16 spade bits
Carpet cutter 

Why use an Earthbox? You will use less water + less fertilizer + sometimes yield double the produce = saving you money. Weeds got your garden down in the dumps? Earthbox gardening will help that issue since weeds don't get a chance to start
How often do I water it? Every few days when the plants are young and maybe every other day once mature. It depends on the time of season and heat.

 Step 1: Cut about (12-15) pvc pieces to 2 1/2"  then measure the tote from top to bottom adding about 4 inches and cut another pvc that size, that will be where you water.

 Step 2: Cut the top of the lid. Be careful not to cut yourself! although it would be an interesting coversation starter at parties I'm sure you'd love to have all 10 fingers.

Step 3: Using the 9/16 spade bit drill several holes into the cut portion of the lid. You can be ocd with this if you like, I didn't do too much thinking on this part.

 Step 4: Using the 3/8 spade bit, drill a hole on each of the sides about 3" from the bottom.

 Step cinco and seis: Place your cut pvc in ocd fashion and place the cut drilled portion of the lid on top of the pipe pieces. You will need to cut a notch portion out on the corner of the cut lid so the longer pvc pipe will fit nicely.

 Final step: Ta DA!!!!

Fill with your dirt and then water and get to growing. Don't forget to add mulch on top to prevent weeds and drying the top soil out.

I planted pumpkins in this batch of earthboxes and watermelon in the other two on the left side of the garden near the corn patch. I'm wondering what kind of trellis I should make for these babies? Any ideas?

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  1. Great pictorial!

    Now, cut a piece of garbage bag (black to heat the soil, or white to keep the soil cool, as needed) to fit over the top of your homemade Earthbox (HEB).

    Fill the HEB with potting MIX (mix for containers -- soil for raised beds or the ground) even up to the top of your box. Cover the soil with the plastic and use the lid to hold it in place. Or, tape it around with duct tape, or use bungie cord to hold it on. Cut "Xs" into the plastic sheeting where you need to plant your seedlings. Then, set the lid back in place.

    The sheeting will keep rainwater and hosing from back splashing up on your plants (less chance of fungal diseases developing).

    Remember: only use potting MIX in a container. Soil in a container will eventually compact hard as concrete, affecting oxygenation and drainage in your container.


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