Sunday, June 22, 2008

I cant take not having sex!!

three weeks since a tender dawn goodbye of rough sex, things are getting ugly.

It's no exaggeration to report that I have never in my life been as horny as I am at this moment. I'm not cute horny right now, either. I emit the giggling blonde co-ed's level of horniness in my sleep. I'm talking about something else… a raging, vicious horniness that puts me in a horrendous mood during the day and turns me into an out-of-control, can't-get-enough, screaming-for-more lunatic at night.

I've gone through more batteries in the last four days than I typically do in months. I've used toys in ways they weren't intended. I've watched porn. I've broken all my self-serve orgasm records with ease, but never once felt like it was enough. I didn't know it was possible to come this much and still be so fired up.

My bedroom has turned into a disaster zone of pleasure. Toys strewn everywhere, a bottle of Liquid Silk running dangerously low, underwear littering the floor, blankets a madness of tangles.

And I see Scores's cock everywhere. Usually I just imagine it from time to time….. But today, I sat at my house seeing his beautiful erection just inches away from my face. All freaking day. Jesus.

There are drawbacks to fucking yourself too much. My right arm is going limp, for instance. I've ripped a magazine and a book because they were unknowingly in my way on the bed. My laptop survived a fall, but a knocked-over glass of water soaked through a favorite novel. Tonight, the brute force of getting myself off with the Rabbit somehow caused a smaller, typically ignored toy called the Dolphin to magically start vibrating on its own from the floor. I watched in amazement from the bed as the toy dolphined-itself across my floors. And after a freaking stupid comment I was again denied SEX tonight! Is this guy a monk or something? Cause if I don't get some soon Im gonna go ape shit or date someone else!!!!!!

Am I now so desperate for sex that I'm causing random sex toys to spontaneously get off when they're around me? What the hell is that!!!

I have either reached new heights or sunk to new lows this week; it's hard to tell which. But damn, at this rate, how am I going to make it to Wednesday or Thursday? Because I don't think my right arm is going to last, and I wasn't planning on making another battery run before I went to work... I'm sure my coworkers would really appreciate a mood turnaround sometime soon, too. You'd think 10+ orgasms a night would accomplish that, but no. I swear every one just makes me more and more moody, more and more pissed off that I can't calm down on my own.

Holy fuck, ladies. How bad is it going to get? This is ridiculous.

I think I need an intervention.
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