Sunday, June 17, 2012

Feeding my family of 5 under $160 a month

The week has really flown by. I've been busy painting, fixing walls and packing... slowly. I need some advil for these back pains. There is so much to do with so little time, when am I going to find time to bake?!

 Albertsons #1 $ 2.15
My clan can go through about a gallon every few days! (4) gal milks, 1.5lb grapes, blueberries (My oldest LOVES these), Trop50 peach drink, 1lb chicken breast and marshmallows

#2 $.89 
This is more of the stockup transaction. With our up and coming trip across country we'll need a few fast snacks so pudding and crunch n munch made the list and who can go wrong with ketchup with a house full of kids?

 #3 - $.69
Making use of the manager coupons that Albertsons sticks on their meats I bought about 8lbs of meat and spaghetti noodles.
#4 - $2.15
This transaction would have been better but my youngest saw these bowls and wanted them, at $1.00 each you can see where I had to spend $2.15. I got 3lbs of tilapia fish, mussels and yogurt. YUMMMM

These transactions where purchased with the $20 catalinas that I got from Albertsons gift card deal. Looks like I'm going back to get more this weekend.

Bountiful Basket $15 for conventional and $10 for the Asian pack
If I wasn't so tired from the bountiful basket/wedding day I would have taken the time to actually weigh the food but I forgot. I really love that our location opened up extra packs and add ons!! I wish I got the blueberries because they looked fantastic.

6/10- 6/16 I spent $28.73 (I do not count the 2 bowls in that total)

Dinner meal planner for the next two weeks? (look out for pictures and recipes later on)

Sunday- Burgers and Sweet potato fries
Monday- Tilapia with Braised radishes
Tuesday- White bean and sausage soup
Wednesday- Left Over night ( We normally will have enough left overs after 3 days )
Thursday- Fish patties (a family recipe- sorry)
Friday- Pizza night (we make our own pizza)
Saturday- Napa cabbage noodle salad

Sunday- Left overs
Monday- Spaghetti squash 'spaghetti'
Tuesday- Salmon w/ nectarine salsa (previously canned)
Wednesday- Ginger sesame chicken bok choy
Thursday- Left overs
Friday- Pizza night
Saturday- Baked chicken with pasta salad

My shopping list for all that?.... red pepper, the fish paste, and salmon :-)

Where do you get your veggies and fruit?

Isn't she beautiful?! I'm so happy for them.  

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