Thursday, January 17, 2013

Publix and Commi Highlights

Did a run to publix and the commissary today and found some great deals on some products.

 Commi- makes this a +$.50 MM

 Publix- $1.44 each wyb2 * if you find the peelie on the quaker oats you can get the mini cups for only $.79

 Commi- $.15 each wyb2
 Commi- $.36 each wyb2 *find blinkie at publix
 Publix- $1.04 each wyb2
 Commi- $1.64 each *only can use 2 coupons in one trip*
 Commi- $.99
 Commi- +$.11 MM
 Commi- FREE
 Publix- Free wyb2

Publix- Free wyb2

Did you find anything this week?


  1. amazing Kim. Enjoying your blog

  2. I really enjoyed reading about your savings. Hopefully some of these are still available!

    1. They all should be good until this Thursday 1/17/13. Go get em girl!


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