Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 7 Garden update

I haven't blogged about the garden in over a week because I was a little discouraged really. Molly, our dog ate all my tomato plants, half my peppers and all my basil.

After a few days of no gardening I decided IF I was going to meet my goal of not having to shop at the grocery store for my produce I NEEDED to get back in the game and plant more seeds. So I bit the bullet and headed to lowes to buy tomato seeds. Although I had a few heirloom seeds left I needed more.

Here is our garden

 We have 2 Pom pomegranates to grow only 8'-10'. I decided last year that I would espalier the trees along the fence of the garden.

  I've got a butt ton of radishes growing in the garden. These are icicle radishes in the "Asian" bed.

 Peas grow in 4 of the 10 beds to help provide shade but also to fill up empty space.

 I am a vampire *hisss hiss* No vampires shall bug my garden because these babies are garlic.

 Chinese cabbage is growing well. I decided to plant 2 more this week.

 Here is the row of snow peas. The two tall ones my youngest grew.

 More snap peas.

These babies are Tyee Spinach. I can't wait till the start producing! We eat a lot of spinach and drink a lot of it too.

Lettuce is doing great right now in the bi polar temps of Georgia.

 More radishes... these are french radishes.

 After Molly decided to snack on my tomato plants I got this little guy from the nursery. Heirloom, score.

 Here are the eggplants and leeks I've started to harden off

 Lemongrass which was doing fine indoors until I goofed up and tried to harden them off.. bad move. They're dying now. I'm going to start more after the last frost and see if I have better luck.

LUFFAS!!!! I can't wait to get these babies outside.

Although I forgot to take pictures I've planted broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, swiss chard, more lettuce, bok choy and basil in the beds outdoors. Indoors I started the lavender, marigolds, cabbage, nicotina, tomatoes and celery

 The hubster has been hard at work trying to finish up the fence around the garden. He is wanting to add a horizontal log at the top of the fence but I kind of like the look now. What do you all think?

 The last thing he is going to add are the doors, three of them. I can't wait to see the design on for them.

We've decided to buy a few fruiting trees like the 4 in apple, 4 in 1 cherry, 4 in 1 cocktail, avacado and lemon/lime tree. I also want to find a dwarf orange tree but haven't found one anywhere yet. I really really reaaaaally want an almond tree but it might take some convincing the hubster to let me get one.

This week we'll be working on getting the 1' edging beds installed into the garden, ordering more dirt and filling those babies up. Starting to build the bean house and get a couple trellises up. I've got more planting to do as well. There will be some front lawn work that will be started in the tree garden. I came across a picture online that is totally our inspiration

I love the oversized stepping stones going straight to the house. With the boys friends coming over daily this is a great idea I think.

What is on your To-Do list this week?

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