Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April To Do

Being back in Georgia is wonderful but I don't recall having so many hot days. I'm learning very fast that our short crop season here in the deepest part of Georgia is SHORT. One of my Chinese cabbage have bolted before forming (major sad face) and I suspect that a couple of my bok choy might be bolting, luckily I can make stir fry out of the bok choy. Do you know if I can cook with the chinese cabbage that has bolted and not formed its main head?

Our garden projects are trudging along..... With the rains we've had over the past month we've learned the importance of having proper drainage. This spring/summer it's my hubsters main goal to get the garden filled with rock (for erosion prevention) instead of the wood cuts like we originally wanted and dig a french drain in three sections of the yard long enough to reach about 20 feet past the main garden into what my hubster called the "waterway easement". To help prevent water just pooling in the yard he is installing grates that will lead to the french drains thus pushing all the water into the easement and into the back of the property.

So far this past month we've harvested

Radishes- 1.75 lbs
Lettuce- 9.3 oz
Bok choy- 1.7 oz

I can not wait till may to harvest more things!! This year and my hubster has to remind me, is a trial year for us. Many things I've learned in this new garden in Georgia is 1) I need to start my cool crops about a month earlier 2) utilized my row covers better and 3) don't push yourself too much otherwise you'll get burned out.

Start outdoors

Swiss chard
Winter squash

We decided to move the lawn schedule ahead a month and treated the lawn for bug, mainly mole crickets. They are wrecking our backyard lawn and I've even spotted the bastards in my corn patch.

This month I will be working on adding three bean nets to the beds, making a few trellises and earthboxes, adding dirt to the final boarder beds and finishing up my white garden.

What is on your To Do?

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