Monday, October 25, 2010

Date night at The Can Can

 My husband and I decided that it was about time that we went out together and without the children so I Googled some places and came across the Can Can Seattle, they've been rated the top most entertaining Burlesque shows in Seattle. We purchased our VIP tickets ( cause we're ballin like that- not really) at $45.00 each and were placed on the VIP list...which means we got to practically sit up on stage, it was a great spot.

So we hoped on the ferry to Seattle, cutting it close I might add. grabbed the Valet and dashed down the stairways at Pike Market area and into a sheek little place below the streets. Ordered a lemon drop and began to relax.
 our $34.00 Lemon Drop drinks.....the place is a bit pricey on the drinks so if you plan on going there bring about an extra $80.00 for drinks. Overall the place was wonderful and a perfect spot for a date.
 Welcome to the Show Pony at The Can Can. There were skits,dance routines that would WOW you, and funny gayness and some burlesque fun. now there are no more Show Pony shows but I'm sure all their featured shows are just as good if not better.
 They brought us back to the 80's a couple of times with cute aerobics and skits but this guy topped it off with the "connor" moves, which I swore up and down to my husband that he must have stolen from our son.

would I go back?! YES and I might even bring the lady's next time too especially if it was someones birthday!! so thats what I did this past weekend.....well that and did some baking ( of course )

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